Mod Squad in fiji - Part 1 

First timers to fiji with young children - bula!

24 August 2015

It occurs to me that perhaps a blog post documenting travel with young children should not be categorised into the “Wise” section of my website.  In any case, we are suckers for punishment.  The kids have to go where we go or we won’t go anywhere.  We had heard about Fiji from lots of our friends - how it is perfect for holidaying with kids.  We were willing to test this theory even if it meant kids club, spa treatments, restaurant dinners, cocktails and maybe even an accidental tan.   Someone has got to find these things out for all the parents of pre-schoolers out there.

I first fell in love with cudo deals about 18 months ago when impulsively I purchased an eight day 5 star family holiday package to Nha Tran, Vietnam.  It was nerve wrecking taking my then 1 and 3 year old into a third world country which resulted in a host of travel vaccinations and over dramatic maternal worry that WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE FROM SOME RARE DISEASE!!! How could I live with myself if something happened cause I couldn’t say ‘No’ to the lure of an exotic adventure slashed at more than half its original price.  Little did I know, we were more likely to die crossing the road from the beachfront hotel to the actual beach but I digress…

So, our 2015 annual exotic adventure planning began pretty much as soon as we returned home from Vietnam.  Another amazing cudo deal!  One had to have something to look forward to when at the time I was finishing off my MBA, and running a business as a married couple can sometimes render actual couple time non-existent.  It made perfect sense then to go to Fiji with a 2 and 4 year old!  Sometimes logic escapes me.

The biggest first hurdle for any Tasmanian parent travelling with kids is the logistical nightmare that unless you are heading to Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane, there are no direct flights.  This translates to extra waiting, extra connections with little ones in tow.  It is not fun.  For our Fijian adventure, we elected to have a stopover night in Melbourne just to break up the trip.  Our Melbourne stopover was extremely uneventful as it rained and rained and rained so we spent the afternoon staring at planes and grey skies which made our longing for Fiji even more appropriate.  I have made the right decision on insisting on this adventure, I decided. 

And so, in the dead of the night, we arrived at Nadi airport after an uneventful plane ride… a proud moment considering the entourage we were travelling with.  My immediate experience of Fiji was WARMTH - the warmth in the air as we walked off the plane; the warmth of the smiles on people’s faces as they serenaded us with beautiful music and greeted us with shell leis that my 2 year old immediately tried to strangle me with as I struggled to carry her, my handbag, and my hand luggage through customs.  No one ever said travelling with kids had to be elegant!  We were immediately shown to our transfers and began the one and a half hours bus drive out to the Coral Coast where our resort awaited.  It was fortuitous that both girls had stayed up on the flight over and were fast asleep during the lengthy mini bus ride.  The one thing that always remains with me as I travel anywhere in the world with children is that as a mother, you don’t get any rest.  There is no sleeping on the plane, on the bus, at the airport, anywhere!  You are forever on high alert which somewhat suited my Type A personality but occasionally, I’d look over at my Type B personality husband sitting calmly by himself just letting things unfold with a quiet assurance with just that tiny ping of jealous rage.  It is so unfair. 

We arrived at the Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort way past bedtime but as the girls had both rested on the bus ride, they had suddenly jumped back to life as they were whisked away and teased by the enthusiastic staff that greeted us on arrival.  They really do love children here. While the girls ran around the foyer checking out their new home for the next fortnight, we were served refreshing iced tea during check in and shown to our beautiful one bedroom suite.  The room was spacious and well appointed.  We were grateful for the fold out sofa bed in the lounge room that they immediately set up for the girls.  Having survived the journey here, tomorrow our real adventure begins…

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