10 minute interview with Roslyn teirneY - Thermorevolution 

7 October 2015

Roslyn and I first “met” each other on the “Eating out in Tassie” Facebook group, where we shared our love of food.  We soon discovered that we had more in common than simply our joy of experiencing upcoming Tasmanian restaurants, we in fact both belonged to several local business networking groups.  I have always been impressed with Roslyn’s passion for her business, Thermorevolution.  I love listening to her talk about what her business stands for and how her work has inspired and mostly reignited the love of cooking in the lives of many busy mothers, including myself.  About a year ago, I decided to purchase a Thermomix.  At this same time, I was well into a Paleo/LCHF way of eating which meant that I had become more mindful of where my food was coming from. 

The Thermomix has transformed my relationship with food.  It is quite liberating to see that I can just buy a bag of nuts and make all sorts of goodies from it.  We no longer rely on store brought sauces and condiments.  I can happily incorporate our LCHF lifestyle into our on the go lifestyle.  I love that I can whip up a batch of banana bread THAT day when I have impromptu visitors.  If my kids feel like pizzas that night, it’s a done deal and it’s all low carb!  Bonus!  I had the pleasure of sitting down with Roslyn Teirney of Thermorevolution to find out more about her business.


MD:  Hi Roslyn.  Thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions that may be on my reader’s mind about the Thermomix.  Can you tell us a little bit about what the Thermomix is?

RT: The Thermomix, as the name implies, is a mixer that cooks, but it is way more than that.  It’s a brilliantly designed multi-functional piece of kitchen equipment that can be another pair of hands in the kitchen.  The way it stirs sauces and custards is famous but it also weighs, purees, crushes ice, minces meat, chops up vegetables, sautés, steams, kneads dough, makes butter … it’s amazing.  Our current model is also particularly cool for geek girls like us, Heidi.  Don’t you love the recipe chip that means your recipes are right there on the screen near the dials?

MD:  I absolutely adore the recipe chip!!  It’s so easy!  It’s like having a cooking instructor right there with me.  What I love most about it, as other mothers of young children can probably related,  is that my kids keep interrupting me when I’m cooking so instead of fumbling around with a cookbook it is all on screen so I can just pick up where I left off.  The in built scales makes things seamless, and much less to clean up afterwards.  Before I purchased my “thermie” (as it’s affectionately known), I hadn’t realised that as a thermie owner, I’d also be inducted into a community of other owners, consultants, and support.  The value for me is not just investing into the product but I get so much out of the continuing extra support that I get.  I love that you are always ready to answer any questions and I absolutely love interacting with other owners with great suggestions for recipes or different ways I can be more mindful of what I put into my body which is so important for me and my family.  Is this the essence of Thermorevolution?

RT:   It is, Heidi.  I have introduced over 200 people to the Thermomix myself, plus I look after another hundred or so, who have lost their original consultants for various reasons, and there are more than 4,000 people now on my Facebook page, who are all interested in the food they buy and the meals they share with the people they love.  Some people are surprised when they see me give a demonstration as I get pretty excited, whereas if they only see me about socially they think I’m a bit shy.  You’re right, I’m passionate about what the Thermomix itself can do, but more important to me, is what it can do for families, and in particular for working mums.   I don’t mean to be over-dramatic, but the Thermomix’s capacity to give families back time and relieve them of a lot of stress at the end of a busy day, is what drives me.  If I can save a few people from experiencing post-natal depression, then I’ve reached my most important business goal and I’m fulfilled.

MD:  I don’t think you are being dramatic at all.  I think Thermorevolution is just that, a revolution.  I used to think that having a hectic lifestyle was an excuse for me to grab whatever food was at hand whether they had nutritional value or not.  Now, I know that there is no excuse.  It actually takes less time to cook with thermie than to use store bought prepackaged food.  Most of the time, I set it and walk away to play with the kids.  So, who is Roslyn Teirney?

RT: I was born in Hobart and educated here and in the USA and Hungary.  I taught English and Music in high schools and college for 40 years and I loved it but towards the end of my classroom days, I was burnt out, which led to a few personal and health challenges in my life.  After our three children left home and my parents passed away, I was much clearer about the changes I wanted to see in myself.  I took action on my weight and lost 46 kgs.  I started to declutter and tidy up after being a serious hoarder.   I decided to get right away from my academic background and go off in a new direction. 

 MD:  I think a lot of people can relate to this.  I read somewhere that the average person changes careers at least three times in their lives.  I think as we get older, we become more in tune with our inner voices too and more free to pursue what we are passionate about in our careers.  Is this why you picked the Thermomix?

RT: Yes, I definitely wasn’t ready to retire, even though I was no longer able to work as a full time teacher.  I’m quite a driven person and I needed something to keep me challenged.  I decided to train to become a Thermomix consultant.   That gave me a great opportunity both to learn something new, which I love doing, and also to use my teaching experience  to share with others my own delight in now being able to prepare beautiful, healthy meals that the family could enjoy and even take pride in.

 MD:  I know what you mean about taking pride in one’s cooking.  To be totally honest, even though I now post recipes on my blog, I’m a bit of a hack in the kitchen!  I love food and I love the idea of being able to cook but I’m not totally sure that I can actually cook.  My family appears to tell me that what I cook is edible. You know what I mean? (chuckles…)

RT:  Haha… Yes I know what you mean!  I know personally what it’s like to lack confidence in the kitchen.  I’ve been married for 33 years and for about 28 of those years, my husband did the vast majority of the cooking.  He said it was a matter of survival!  I used to waste food when I burnt things, which didn’t go down well when everyone was hungry.  You don’t have to be a great cook to benefit from having a Thermomix. It does all the work for you in a fraction of the time. You really can set and forget. Get on with your life while it cooks dinner for you, or makes ice cream, or kneads your dough.  I rebranded the business Thermorevolution in 2014, because actually, when I thought about it, the Thermomix revolutionised my life.   Also, I chose the tagline “Renew Refresh Rejoice” to emphasise the change I have felt, since I’ve got into Thermomix.  By that I mean that the Thermomix allows you to renew your creativity and enthusiasm for cooking, refresh your attitude to what you can do in the kitchen and rejoice in the things you can now whip up for your family, with very little stress and hardly any washing up.  You have to love that sort of revolution.iasm for cooking, refresh your confidence in yourself and rejoice at the delicious everyday surprises you can now whip up for your family.

MD:  Thermorevolution.  It is a fabulous name.  In my mind, your business certainly delivers on that promise of revolutionising my kitchen.  I love just having the confidence now to try new recipes and even so far as to making up my own.  It has taught me so much about food and the science of cooking.  I can’t say enough how much I love it!  A large part of my enjoyment of the Thermomix comes from the interactions I have with the community with other 4,000 owners on your Thermorevolution Facebook page.  I love seeing what the others are cooking and pick up so many tips to get the most out of my Thermomix.  What was the inspiration behind the Facebook page?

RT:  Well, social media makes the sharing side of my business so much more accessible to all my customers.  I’m always learning and I love to share that with my community, to maximise the potential of the Thermomix for us all.  There really is a great community feel on the Thermorevolution page.  We could be described as complete strangers just posting recipes and ideas, but as we asking for help and assist each other, we bond over our mutual appreciation of a kitchen appliance.   Although I don’t know everyone of course, it really feels like a Thermorevolution family.

MD:  I am so inspired by your Facebook page, not just in helping me use the Thermomix better but the way that you have really made the most out of the social media medium, it is awe inspiring!  A little bird told me you won the inaugural Excellence in Social Media Award in 2012.  You must be so proud of that achievement!

RT:  Yes.  It was a great moment for me.  It was awesome receiving the award onstage at Thermofest in Hawaii.

MD:  So what can we look forward to in the future, Roslyn?

RT:  It is so exciting for me to be part of the Thermomix family because there are always innovations being developed and it is such a joy for me to keep value adding for my existing clients.  I want to keep refining how I deliver my customer service.  I am starting the Thermorevolution blog in 2016. I’ve had it on the To Do list for fifteen months now, but I’m finally launching it after Christmas.  I’m following in your footsteps, Heidi. 

MD:  That is fantastic news!  I think you already do an amazing job and it’s so inspiring to hear that you will take your brand to the next level of engagement.  I love it!!  So what would you say to anyone intrigued about Thermomix?

RT:  Join the Thermorevolution! Have a look at the Facebook page and feel free to invite your friends and check out the Thermomix, up close and personal.

MD:  I would second that.  The page is not restricted to current owners so I think it’s a great way to get a feel of the Thermomix if you are curious.  Book a demo, invite some friends over, really experience the Thermie for yourself, that would be my advice too.  Thanks for the chat, Roslyn.   It’s been lovely.

RT:  You’re very welcome, Heidi.

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