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what is mummy dinosaur?

Welcome to Mummy Dinosaur! My name is Heidi Modrovich and I am most definitely NOT a dinosaur! What I am is a 38 year old mum who had children about a decade later than what I originally planned for in my early twenties, who then had to make some new plans as to what her life was going to look like. The name Mummy Dinosaur was inspired by my eldest daughter Bianca who was obsessed with the Ice Age movie where the “mummy dinosaur” worked hard to protect her three dinosaur eggs. She started calling me her mummy dinosaur at the age of around 18 months and it kind of stuck.

I feel that our world is slowly changing and that the role of women is not always well defined and this makes it hard to feel inspired every day even though you are doing the most important and natural thing in the world, raising your children the best way you know how. We are all unique with different talents and challenges, but what is clear to me now is that none of our qualities are separate from each other and sometimes we have to embrace ourselves as a whole in order to be able to offer ourselves to our children.

I have practised as an Audiologist for much of my career prior to having children, landing the dream corporate high flying job at the height of my audiology career which I absolutely loved. But, flying across four states of Australia every four to six weeks really wasn’t going to be something I could sustain if I was to become a mum as well. And, I’ve always also pictured myself in a cute floral apron in my dream kitchen baking the most elaborate cakes for my little family. I also loved the nicer things in life… the stylish handbags, the latest gadgets, the holidays to exotic locations, date nights at fine restaurants… this wasn’t going to work out well for me if I had to give up my career and be a mum with no income. So, about a decade ago, my husband and I made the decision for a tree change to Hobart, Tasmania, in order to take up an opportunity of purchasing our own hearing clinic, AudioClinic Tasmania.

In the past five years whilst also acting as CEO for our company, I have given birth to two beautiful little girls, and completed my MBA. Now, I am ready to share my experiences as an entrepreneur (maybe even a mumpreneur), a mother of young children, and a mother who can’t really claim to be “young” but certainly don’t feel old. Mummy dinosaur hopes to bring together all the elements of what it means to be a slightly older mum in today’s world.  

I hope you really enjoy what it means to be Mummy Dinosaur!


With Thanks

With Thanks

with thanks

I think it was Tony Robbins who said that proximity is power.  You have to surround yourself with people that inspire you, who are playing the same game better than you, who can make you see that what you dream is not only possible but attainable.  To this end, I would like to offer sincere thanks to the following individuals and organisations, without which Mummy Dinosaur would not have been reality.

Nick Modrovich – my soul mate, my best friend, my partner in life, love, family, and business.  Without whom, I simply would not be.

My beautiful girls  B & M – they inspire me to be joyful, to be curious, to be grateful, to be kind.  In short, my girls make me want to be a better human being each day but more importantly they show me how it’s done.

My parents –  without whom, I would not be the person that I am today, both inside and out. I would not have been blessed with all the opportunities that come my way and are still coming my way but more significantly, they gave me the ability to recognise how to create opportunities.

Bon Wai – my stunning cousin who has been my BFF since the day I was born.  Although we now live half a world apart, she is always there giving me daily encouragement, only ever unreservedly wanting the very best for her little “sis”.

Jo Lagoutatzis from Social & Media – my bestie through thick and thin.   The most talented person I have ever met.  She is amazing at everything that she does, and a constant inspiration.  I have known Jo for over 15 years, first meeting as budding actresses at drama school.  We quickly bonded with our shared interests in singing, performing, careers, business, fashion… everything!  If I ever had a “life twin”, she is it!  Jo has always pushed me beyond my limits.  What I saw as insurmountable goals for myself, she broke down into steps always believing in me when even I didn’t .  This amazing website was created by Jo.  She can read my mind.   I think it, she creates it.  I cannot recommend her firm, Social & Media, enough.  I feel safe knowing that all my design, social media & event management needs are taken care of by a true professional.  In business, you don’t have to be good at everything, you just need to gather people around you who are good at the things that you are not.  For me, Jo is that person. www.socialandmedia.com.au

AudioClinic Tasmania – I want to thank my team - both past and present, good and bad.  This is the workhouse where I learned to be a leader.  You cannot learn more about yourself than when you have stared into the mirror and seen the worst of yourself as a manager.   I am ever so grateful for all the people and opportunities that have taught me who I am.  I found my identity now at last and I cannot say enough how excited I am looking toward the second half of my life, knowing full well that without the experience of running my own company, I would not be the person, and leader that I am today which translates to me being the best parent I can be.  And that, is a gift that made all the blood, sweat and tears invaluable.  I would not have had it any other way. www.audioclinictas.com.au

Jessica Schmidt of MamaFirst Fitness – for letting me hijack my personal training session doubling up as a photography session for this website.  Jess is who I would count as part of the group of inspiring women that I have met only recently who are fast becoming my neo-besties.  It is not easy to make friends when you “migrate” from one state to another knowing nobody, let alone find the closest friends you can possibly ask for at this stage of life.  I want to thank Jess, who is not only the best personal trainer I have ever had but also a true friend who is always pushing me beyond my limits.  My life (and my fitness) is at a place I never thought possible because of you. www.mamafirstfitness.com

Tara Machotka – we’ve never resided in the same state and yet Tara has been one of my closest friend since we first met seemingly through fate.  It was a friendship that was always meant to be.  Thank you for being my style inspiration, for always pushing me for advenutres, and for showing me that we have to keep striving to live extraordinary lives.  Without your inspiration, my instagram pictures would be pretty bland.

Zuzana Perraton – who in the past 8 months have pushed me beyond my fitness limits when we mutually decided to become accountability partners in our daily fitness regime.   Like me, Zuzana has a successful career, two kids the same age as mine, a busy lifestyle but never was an excuse good enough for a rest day as she pushes me to “do at least 20 push ups please”.  I would not have achieved the self confidence and learned to appreciate my body as it is without you. And, without that, this website would not have happened.

Megan Rozynski from Creative Hum – I won’t call you my mentor (cause that just sounds crusty) but you are certainly a consistent voice of reason in my life.  I am so blessed to have found your friendship.  Thank you for our weekend walks, for always lending an ear and being my sounding board in all my business ideas.  As you say, “we are so many things to each other”, we just need to keep sticking together.  www.creativehum.com.au

Mel Heazlewood – thanks for the laughs, the girls’ nights out, even for the ghost stories that still keep me from switching off all the nights when I rock my babies to sleep.  Thank you for always being there with a kind word.  You are constantly reminding me to be kinder and more compassionate by what you say and how you behave.  I am truly grateful to have your influence in my life.

My Friends and Family – who consistently support me with words of encouragement in undertaking yet another crazy project (there have been many)… be it moving to a state where we knew no one to purchase a business, or my sudden urge to head back to Uni to complete my MBA.  Thank you so much also for helping me spread the word about my blog. Love you all.

Peta Nikel Photography – for the supply of that stunning pregnancy home page photo of my family.  Peta has been our family photographer since Bianca was born.  I love the way that she is able to always capture the emotions and relationships of her subjects.  When you look at her photos, you get a real sense of who the person is, be they newborns, mothers, families, young children. www.petanikelphotography.com.au

The Glass House, Hobart – Thanks to The Glass House restaurant for generously allowing me to have the Mummy Dinosaur launch night in their private dining room.  I have been to the restaurant several times and have thoroughly enjoyed this new addition to the foodies’ scene in beautiful Hobart. www.theglass.house

Son Whittaker from Cherubs Flowers – I first heard about Son from the Hobart Mums Network Business Connect group.  Whenever someone is looking for a florist, her name pops up.  I am so impressed with the work that you do.  Thank you for so generously donating your time and giving us your creative input into our launch event.  I cannot wait for more collaborations together.  I think this is what sets business women apart from the men, a true supportive community spirit even in business. www.cherubsflowers.com.au



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