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How becoming a Frankfurt helped this mum feel new again! 

12 August 2015


It was the beginning of July and the Tasmanian winter of 2015 was only getting colder and drier.  My body has been severely deprived of vitamin D and as much as I loved the beautiful, crisp blue mornings of Hobart against the backdrop of our snow capped mountain, the impending trip we had planned for Fiji frightened me.  In two weeks, this mum of two is expecting herself to feel good lounging around on a deck chair in her bikini sipping a cocktail like a movie star… No, a look at the current state of her skin is enough to send extra shivers down her spine.  My legs have not seen moisturiser for at least 4 years, and my back was starting the breakout as it always does in the middle of winter.  There was usually barely any time for a shower, let alone the daily ritual that used to take up so much time to get oneself feeling respectable BC (Before Children).  When my super glam bestie from Melbourne started raving about some coffee scrub that I absolutely had to try, my initial thought was to do my utmost to schedule that into the diary on a day Hubby was available to entertain the kiddies.

This day did indeed arrive and I was super excited to see what transformation this will bring me.  I was however, still extremely sceptical, cause even if the Frank Body scrub turned out to be a great product, how would I be able to take advantage of it as part of my shower routine.  Afterall, as any keeper of young children can tell you, “If it’s not quick, forget it!”  So, with this in mind, my approach was to test two hypotheses.   Hypothesis 1: That the Frank Body scrub will return my skin to a state somewhat similar to how I felt BC (cause let’s face it, as they say, things don’t go back to how they were); and Hypothesis 2:  That scrubbing will be something that does not take up a lot of time and can be added to my regular shower routine so this mum can once again enjoy the feel of soft skin on a regular basis.


For this experiment, you will need a minder of children so that you don’t have to have an audience if you don’t want to.  There is no requirement that children not be present at the time.  I actually don’t remember what it is like not to have an audience at some point of any shower nor hearing phantom baby cries and running out to find baby still fast asleep AC (After Children).  I elected to have a shower as I am testing this product for viability of mums to use on a regular basis but it would translate well in a relaxing bath but frankly, I have forgotten what those are.  You will need a packet of Frank Body Scrub which can be purchased directly from their website and cost under $20 depending on the one that you purchase with free postage. I purchased the coconut scrub and it only took a couple of days to arrive.  The packaging is minimalist with cheeky explanations.  When I read that the product was tested on “babes”, I literally thought they tested the stuff on babies.  Yep.  I think the parts of your brain that attaches meaning to words also changes AC.  Or perhaps I just no longer identified myself as a “babe” anymore, not with my dried, rough mummy skin.


Get in the shower.  Rub the scrub all over yourself.  Rinse off.  I use the product as the last step of my shower as I wanted to see how well the essential oils moisturised my body.


OK, so I had said to my wonderful Hubby that I was testing out this scrub and can he please keep the kids occupied while he cooked dinner expecting that I’d be longer in the shower then usual.  To my absolute surprise, the whole scrubbing process didn’t even take me a minute.  I’m impatient so the product had to work quickly.  I suppose you could take your time if you want to so the product offers options.  Thumbs up. 

What I immediately noticed about this body scrub when applied is that it stays on your moistened skin.  I am so impressed about this as I have used other coffee scrubs before that no sooner than you put it on, it disappears so you have to use a lot more than the packet recommends to get a thorough scrub happening.  The texture of this product is nice and thick once applied so you don’t need to use a lot of it and you can either take your time scrubbing or do a quick all over scrub which I have been doing daily.  The smell of coconut and coffee invigorates for preparation of what I call “night shift”, and reminds me that life is not just about getting the essential stuff done but to also take a moment (even if it’s a minute) for myself to just be me and not only little people’s mother.

The nicest surprise for me about the Frank Body scrub is that it does what it says it will do.  They claim that the essential oils in the scrub will moisturise your body and it does so beautifully once rinsed off.  In fact, I think it moisturises better than any body moisturiser that I’ve used without any additional time invested.  Bonus!!  My skin is now smooth and soft and smells divine. Yay!!  I actually have nicer skin than I did BC!  OMG moment!  Frank is now the official “other man” in my life.  I love it so much I tried it on my face.  I don’t recommend getting it too close to the mouth.  Just like coffee, it smells better than it tastes, a lot better.  I am now looking forward to heading home from Fiji so that I can order my next shipment. Maybe the chocolate scrub… I think definitely the face scrub.  I noticed they are adding more and more products to the range and if the scrub is anything to go by, I cannot wait to try more products out.

In conclusion, the Frank body scrub exceeded expectations to take my skin back to a level BC as it actually moisturised it to a softness that even my two year old commented on!  It didn’t really add to my shower time as I just staggered my Frank time now with the hair washing.  I cannot wait to get some more Frank on me!

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