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Practise Gratitude by Celebrating Success!

9 August 2015

It may have been a bit indulgent of me to have had a massive launch party to celebrate the beginning of this website.  With any new project, it is natural for us to run through in our heads all the reasons why it won’t work, why people won’t be interested in what we have to offer.  As a society, we have a tendency to crave drama… life is not all roses and butterflies.  I’ve just sat through a lecture this afternoon at an audiology conference about the doom of our industry as disruptive technologies threaten all our jobs and livelihoods.  How does one get out of bed each day in the midst of all this negativity?  For me, it is important to place more focus on the little successes of life.  But, it is not just about being able to recognise success, it is also about taking that extra moment to really celebrate it.  When I tuck my kids into bed at night, I try to ask them about their favourite part of the day, and if time permits, we talk about why it was so special.  Isn’t it better to go to bed on a beautiful memory than the insistent worries that seemingly plague so many of us.  If you want something to worry about, you will most surely find it!

So, back to my launch party… When I first moved to Hobart with my husband eight years ago, we knew nobody.  For many years, we went through the daily grind of running a business, battling with staff that didn’t quite get it or get us… I struggled to really belong in my new home always believing that we’d eventually move back to Melbourne and our Tassie experience would just be a necessary but distant memory.  I’d go back to my friends, my life - a life where people already knew who I was, what I stood for, and where I didn’t have to explain myself over and over again.  I endured years of quiet despair and loneliness until after my little ones had started childcare and I saw how easy it was for them to make new friends.  I remember thinking to myself, “If a two year old can do it, why can’t I?”

And so, I begin a process of setting down roots and making an effort to network and get to know other people’s stories.  Another important thing I learned from my young children is that life is a beautiful wonder.  When something new happens, they are so engaged and curious and often, they are able to see something truly magnificent that as adults we have forgotten how to see.  If we train ourselves to celebrate our successes all the time, surely we would start to see all situations in a positive light, and from this, only opportunities can grow.  What if we not only celebrated our own successes but we make an active decision to celebrate other people’s successes?  If we all did this together, what kind of a world would we create? Surely it would be a more beautiful place for our children to grow up in.  This may just be a way for me to protect them into believing that anything is possible for as long as I am able.  When I make it a habit of finding successes and bringing focus to them, I lose focus on the negative.  Suddenly, things don’t look so bad.  In fact, all I can really see is how blessed we are to be in our situation and how I would not have it any other way.

The launch party in many ways was a way of celebrating the successes of everyone that attended that evening.  Leading up to the event, I could see the excitement and anticipation of my friends thinking about what they are going to wear.  Life is not about what dress you are going to wear to an event, I know.  But for this group of women, it was a night about them, about taking the time to celebrate who they are as individuals, and not just as mothers; a night to celebrate feeling positive about themselves and rewarding themselves with a night of fun and glamour and to acknowledge the beautiful work they do as mothers each and every day.  To everyone that attended, I just want to simply say “Thank you”… Thank you for being there, and most importantly thank you for being in my life 💜.




Heidi Modrovich

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